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Great experiences in the skies

Are you looking for a present for someone close to you, a wonderful experience for yourself or an unforgettable surprise for you friends? A sightseeing flight above Kuopio is your choice!

Kuopio seaplane taxi is at your service at Kuopio harbor behind hotel Scandic.


    Reims FR172G Rocket

    Max. range

    Max. speed

    Passengers 3 + pilot


    Arttu Salonen

    Lentäjä / pilot

    Siegfried Schobesberger

    Lentäjä / pilot


    Sightseeing flight from Kuopio harbor 70 € per person (min. 3 persons), or 210 € per flight.

    1-3 passengers (weight limit). Airborne appx. 10 minutes, with taxiing appx. 20 minutes.

    Cruise flights 950 € / h, 1-3 passengers.